Our Company

About Us

Vrobal Energy & Resources is one of the leading waste management and recycling company in precious and non-precious metals in Asia. We work with companies to create value out of waste and reduce operating costs by increasing recycling and decreasing carbon emissions.

In a span of 10 years, we’ve achieved to date, a significant turnover and returns as a company and an industry. We seek to raise the bar on industry-wide performance by finding new and innovative ways to work together as a team, employing like-minded professionals. As a market leader, we aim to promote excellence with strong Research and Development and Ethical Standards of Quality and Environmental Protection.

Our Worldwide Presence

Present on 3 continents, Vrobal brings concrete solutions to local authorities, industry and consumers and for the efficient and sustainable management of their resources.
Delivering a sustainable future by:

• Reusing, recovering and recycling our customers’ commodities to produce high-quality products and metals

• Helping our customers to achieve cost savings and environmental best practise

Vrobal’s values
  • Strong focus on exceeding customer service satisfaction
  • Retain and encourage an entrepreneurial, flexible and innovation ethos
  • Hardwork, competitiveness, flexibility and integrity
  • Focus on production quality and efficiency
  • Foster a company wide team spirit

Our Core
Values & Principles

Demographic and urban growth, global warming and natural resources shortage have all prompted a worldwide drive to shift towards a growth model that consumes fewer resources. The reinvention of our modes of management, production and consumption of resources are at the very heart of our strategy. Our ambition is to become the leader for the metals revolution.

Our Mission & Vision

Health & Safety

We promote and seek to prevent adverse reactions to society and the environment with a strong sense of responsibility through all levels of our workforce. Quality, environmental protection, health, and safety are personal and obligatory.

Client Satisfaction

We undertake our deals without compromising on service delivery, quality of materials and terms and conditions as agreed in the contract of sale or purchase.


Fostering a company wide team spirit that can collaborate, participate and actively source for solutions that will lead to success.


Research and development bring Innovation, has been one of the key differentiators and we strategise and carefully devise plans, mechanism to achieve our desired goals to face any challenges that may come in the way.

Group Excellence

Competence, training and awareness are basic blocks to promote excellence and we use clear and ambitious targets and key performance indicators to drive excellence internally and with our customers.


Accountability has been one of the pillars of success for our business. It is highly linked to business ethics, responsibility for decisions made, projects delivered and tasks accomplished.