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The management of DANTIUM is commited towards the goal mentioned above. Therefore, we employ only those who share the same vision and mission hence ensuring a quality service to our customers.In other words, our support staff does not only have the required technical know-how but also carries the quality image of our company.In addition to that, we also boast enough man power to provide you effective and efficient after sales service.In short, every single cent you trust on us to ensure your safety would be repaid in term of quality product and service.


Crime Prevention Through Enviromental Design

CPTED is a set of design principles used to discourage crime. The concept is simple, buildings and properties are designed to prevent damage from the force of the elements and natural disasters they should also be designed to prevent crime. You can use these principles to improve home offices as well as high-rise buildings. To understand fully how CPTED is used, one must examine its components and the philosophy behind them. Although crime prevention through design is itself relatively new, its individual elements are common security techniques. The uniqueness and success of CPTED stems from the manner in which these techniques are integrated with, and applied to, the architectural design process.

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We Are ADT Authorised Dealer
About ADT Montoring System and why is it important?

ADT is a 24hrs monitoring system and it offers five channel protection which are for BURGLARY, FIRE, MEDICAL, POLICE AND DURESS.


Security Solutions
Steps and ways to prevent burglary in home and office

Few ways to prevent home burglary and also solutions for a secured business. In a few simple steps you can learn to secure your home and business.


Security Tips
Few security steps that can be used for home and business

• When combined with visible signage, alarm systems
are a powerful burglar deterrent
• For maximum effectiveness, the alarm system should
have an audible siren or bell
• Always keep your alarm response call list is up to date
• Let your neighbors know if and how they should
respond to your alarm when it's triggered
• Be sure your alarm system is professionally installed,
programmed, and maintained throughout the year